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About Us Fitness at 40

Thanks for visiting Fitness at 40! This website was designed to specifically help people with their fitness at 40 and beyond. Fitness at 40 is different than fitness at 20. You can skip the bologna and read something that is actually is designed and meant for your fitness picture. Deciding who to trust and what advice to follow is tough. Fitness at 40 makes the search easier with these articles and resources to light your path for Fitness at 40.

Fitness at 40 is designed by Fred Nicklaus over 50 year old former National Champion martial artist, double hip replacement recipient, who has owned and operated martial arts programs and local fitness classes in La Crosse, WI for over 30 years. He teaches strength and fitness classes for men and women who primarily over the age of 40 who need something that works for them and their fitness needs for their bodies.

Thanks for visiting our Fitness at 40. We hope you find and learn the valuable info that can change your life for the better. For more info or answers to your concerns, visit our contact page.

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