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Special Note: Thanks for taking a look at the Core Exercise Training products. In case you were unaware all of these products are offspring of a very difficult workout created by a Special Forces commander for his elite men. The Advanced Core Exercise Training Program is the actual workout that these elite soldiers went through five days per week. All of the other programs that you see listed below are taken from this most difficult workout to fit the needs of those using the different programs. No matter your fitness level at this time, whether you are a new beginner looking for motivation and directions or you are a long time fitness practitioner looking for new and exciting challenges, all of the Core Exercise Training workouts can give you what you are looking for. Here’s to you achieving all of your health and fitness goals and letting the Core Exercise Training Programs come along for the ride on this very exciting journey.


Fred Nicklaus

Core Exercise Coach

Absolute Beginner Level Core Exercise Training Program

This program was originally designed for people with Multiple Sclerosis so it really is a basic, doable exercise routine that anyone can use and benefit from. This includes 3 downloadable videos set with many of the exercises on the first two videos done on a chair. The 3rd video takes you to your feet and works on balance and flexibility in addition to core strength. All of these exercises introduce the participant to the benefits of core exercise for better range of motion, better flexibility, increased overall body strength, and improved overall health. This is an easy to use, easy to get your results program that starts to develop your strong fitness foundation and which gives you a great feeling first step in your introduction to the benefits of Core Exercise Training

The 6 Week Fitness Mastery Program

Mastery begins with taking the first step. This is the second in the series of the Core Exercise Training Program. This is also a beginner level training program which emphasizes core strength, flexibility, and effective breathing, all of which lead to exciting new energy levels. This program includes 3 downloadable videos broken into 3- two week sections that introduce participants to strengthening and flexibility exercises both while working on the floor and standing. An introduction to boxing fundamentals is also included because of the excellent range of motion and better understanding of hip and lower body movement and power that participants learn.

The 9 Minute Core Exercise Training Workout

This is the best- selling product in the Core Exercise Training System. People love it because it’s short and it works. Don’t let 9 minutes fool you. This program gives you 9 minutes of high energy,non- stop action and can be a great introduction to a higher level of exercise intensity or it can be a great substitute on days when you’re short on time and can’t get your full workout in. Like all of the other Core Exercise Training programs the 9 Minute Workout improves core strength, flexibility, overall health, and everyday energy levels. The 9 Minute Workout comes to you with downloadable video, downloadable mp3, downloadable e book, a step by step follow along exercise sheet, and downloadable dvd with explanation about the importance of proper exercise order and effective breathing. This short, high explosive workout will help take your fitness to new, fully energized levels.

The 9 Minute Core Exercise Training Published Book at Amazon

Here you have it. Your own personal copy of this super effective short workout. The book contains all of the exercises along with explanations of proper form and order given to you in photos and in detailed explanation. There is also a second section of the book that gives you important reminders about what you should do and how you should think in order to get the best results from your workouts. This is a great carry along companion that can go with you anywhere and give you the best results of the 9 Minute Core Exercise Training Workout.

The Intermediate Core Exercise Training Workout

Now you’re ready to really ramp up your fitness training. All of the earlier Core Exercise Training programs have been designed to build a foundation. Now that your foundation is built you’re ready to really accelerate your training. The Intermediate Core Exercise Training Workout is very close to the workout that I take students through in my local classes. This workout has provided students in my classes with numerous benefits including weight loss, more overall strength, no more back pain, loads of non stop energy, lower blood pressure and cholesterol readings, better range of motion and flexibility, and a feeling that they are in charge of their health and wellness This workout has changed lives in a very positive way for the past six years and it can do the same for you. Included in your Intermediate Package you will receive the downloadable Intermediate video, the downloadable MP3, the downloadable e book, and a follow along sheet with all of the exercises in the exact order and repetition that you should be aiming for. It’s everything you need to challenge your fitness to new heights.

The Advanced Core Exercise Training Workout

So you think you’re ready. Let me be honest. This is not for the meek. This was created for our most elite soldiers and most people can’t even start doing this entire workout at the pace and suggested number of repetitions that you will find within. After using this workout for only two months this elite group of our top soldiers reported reduced times in distance runs and increased weight in weight lifting exercises and this was after no running or lifting for two months. All in all this is the ultimate full body workout. It doesn’t matter if you’re a runner, wrestler, boxer, football athlete, basketball athlete, baseball player, swimmer, bicyclist, mma fighter, or someone who wants the absolute best that a fitness program can give you then this is what you’re looking for. If you consider yourself in top notch shape and you want to push the envelope to levels you never dreamed possible then this is your answer. Included in your Advanced Package you will receive the downloadable advanced video, the downloadable MP3, and a follow along sheet with all of exercises in the exact order and repetition. Remember, give this a try only if you are sure that you are ready for a total body workout that can and will kick your butt.
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